In today's insurance environment it is vital that insurers receive the highest quality of claims management while at the same time reducing claims expense, securing data for underwriters and providing added value to clients.

Centra Claims Management Inc. can assist Insurers in achieving all of these goals.

Professional Qualifications and Experience

Our experienced team of professionals includes both adjusters and lawyers with up to 33 years of experience. Having lawyers directly involved brings specialized expertise in policy interpretation, liability assessment, advocacy skills and the litigation process.

Cost Control

Reducing the cost of claims is vital to insurers. Once a claim is referred to defense counsel the costs greatly increase. It is therefore important where possible to resolve claims prior to involving defense counsel.

Our professionals are adept at identifying the merits or weaknesses of claims. Through our advocacy we can often either persuade claimants to abandon their claim, or in cases where there is exposure to liability come to a reasonable resolution prior to retaining defense counsel.

Our approach to advocacy and negotiation can both reduce the number of claims that are referred to defense counsel and shorten the time a claim remains active.


Often we are contacted in the midst of a crisis and there may still be an opportunity to mitigate or eliminate the damages, we therefore believe it is vital that insureds have immediate access to professional advice.

Centra Claims Management Inc. can immediately assess a claim and provide timely advice to insureds. We can also determine when outside experts in a particular field are required to bring about a desired outcome and co-ordinate with other professionals to eliminate or reduce the severity of claims.

Third Party Administration

As experienced Third Party Administrators we are mindful of the requirements of complete up to date data and financial reporting. We are able to provide a number of customized reports to our clients.