Adjusting, Claims Management and Third Party Administration

Centra Claims provides a wide range of adjusting, claims management and Third Party Administration services. Types of claims we service include E & O, D & O, general liability, product liability, property and casualty, financial services, host/liquor liability, and construction.

Data Management

Our data management system is second to none. Our online portal provides insurers with real time access to reserves, vital documents, and customized reports. Our data management system provides analysis helpful both to underwriters in assessing risk and to clients in managing risk and reducing claims frequency and severity.

Our system allows us to communicate effectively with defence counsel and underwriters so that we may provide them with documents and information quickly and efficiently.

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Litigation Management

The majority of claims expense is often related to litigation defence costs. It is crucial therefore to resolve claims before they proceed to defence counsel, and for those cases in litigation, to focus defence counsel on the resolution of the claim in a timely and cost effective manner.

Our professionals are adept at identifying the merits or weaknesses of claims and through our advocacy achieve an advantageous resolution to claims.

Our professionals are experienced with the requirements of defence counsel and can provide information and documentation to defence counsel in an organized fashion, and properly instruct them resulting in reduced cost and open file times.

Risk Management

It is important to our clients that claims are not only dealt with properly when they arise, but that claims are avoided in the first place.

Owing to the experience of our professionals and the sophistication of our claims management software we are able to identify areas of practice or geographical locations where claims are more numerous or more sever.

We are then able to assist our clients in the preparation of continuing education material or risk management practices or strategies to reduce the frequency and severity of claims from year to year.

Audit Services

Due to our experience with a variety of professional and general liability insurance programs we are well suited to providing an independent audit of claims managers or external legal counsel files to ensure compliance with the terms and conditions of contracts and to ensure that claims are being dealt with efficiently. Through this process we are able to suggest strategies to bring claims to a conclusion more quickly than would otherwise be the case.